Pinot Blanc

Old vines are the fortune of every vintner. They root deeply and lend their intrinsic potential a persistent voice. Pinot Blanc, also locally called Weissburgunder, has a long tradition in our region. My grandfather planted most of our vines in the limestone of the Seeberg site 60 years ago. A few were even planted by my grandfather over 90 years ago. It is my duty today to continue to tell the story that the two of them began.

Pinot Blanc Ried Seeberg

The white “Prieler Classic”. Bright gold yellow, delicate fresh pear, a touch of orange zest, subtle herbal spice, refreshing structure, sweetly extracted on the elegant finish. A perfect accompaniment to food.

Pinot Blanc Leithaberg DAC

Marked by both the warmth of Lake Neusiedl and the coolness of the Leitha Mountains, this Pinot Blanc exudes the fragrance of blossom honey and stone fruit. It is well concentrated and has a fresh and juicy acid structure with a lemony-mineral finish.

Pinot Blanc Ried Haidsatz

The best Pinot Blanc of the house. Brilliant yellow, a touch of candied orange zest, delicate caramel, yellow fruit nuances and a floral touch. Juicy, white fruit, taut, subtle oak spice, refreshing and long lasting with a salty mineral finish.



Blaufränkisch is in our genes. By “our”, I mean my family and the vintners of Leithaberg. We know this variety’s moods and demands. Blaufränkisch in not an easy variety – whether for us or for you. It is capricious, challenging and stubborn. Rooted in limestone, it wants the sun; growing on schist, it requires refreshing winds. It rests preferably in wood, yet the barrels shouldn’t be too small. Of you, it demands patience. Blaufränkisch needs time. If you yield yourself to Blaufränkisch, you will understand why we fulfil all of this variety’s desires. For me, it is one of the few varieties in the world that perfectly balances two elements: energy and clarity.

Blaufränkisch Ried Johanneshöhe

The red “Prieler Classic”: a typical Blaufränkisch vinified in large wooden cask. Dark berry fruit and a touch of orange zest over a background of subtle herbal spice. Juicy, refreshing red berry nuances, fine-grained tannin.

Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC

Ripe forest berries, good complexity, subtle blackberry jam, well-integrated tannin, salty minerality and a lemony touch make this Blaufränkisch a silky accompaniment to food.

Blaufränkisch Ried Marienthal

Speaks of the lightness of being, of understandable complexity. Marvellous red berry fruit and subtle spice. Appetizing on the palate with a concentrated, tightly woven structure. Well-balanced, firm, fine-grained tannin core and a chalky finish.

Blaufränkisch Ried Goldberg

A legendary Blaufränkisch. Refreshing wild cherry fruit, a hint of blackberry and subtle floral nuances. Juicy, sweet fruit nuances, elegant, fine-grained tannin, well-structured finesse, a very long finish and plenty of ageing potential.



Cistercian monks from Burgundy settled on Lake Neusiedl in the 12th century. They were not only knowledgeable of the bible, but were also experienced vintners. It did not take long for them to plant vine cuttings from their original home. They planted not only Pinot Blanc, but also Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – varieties with enormous potential that we continue to appreciate today. 800 years later, my father set course in an opposite direction. Bordeaux had captivated him. Planted with great passion, a little Merlot continues to grow on Schützner Stein.

Rosé vom Stein

Very fragrant bright and dark red berries with subtle spice. Lively, full-bodied and concentrated. Pure drinking enjoyment not only in summer, but also as an aperitif or with light fish dishes.


An ideal summer wine: fruity-spicy, apple, meadow herbs and hay blossom, crisp and appetizing on the palate. Plenty of drinking enjoyment that whets the appetite for more.

Chardonnay Sinner

A classic Chardonnay with pronounced quince and Williams pear with sponge cake. Elegant mineral spice comes through clearly on the palate. Graceful, tightly woven, full-bodied, creamy mouthfeel.

Merlot Schützner Stein

Deep dark colour, good intensity, complex aromas, black cherry, sweet blackberry, subtle toasty notes, and a potent, juicy, long finish distinguish this 100 % Merlot.

Cabernet Sauvignon Ried Ungerbergen

Deep dark ruby, ripe fruit reminiscent of blackberry, blueberry and dark cherry with a touch of liquorice, vanilla and subtle bitter chocolate. A full-bodied, very concentrated wine that is well balanced and persistent while exhibiting superb development in the glass.

Pinot Noir Ried Satz

The diva among all the grape varieties. Multifaceted bright fruit notes reminiscent of raspberry, strawberry and sour cherry distinguish this Pinot Noir. Playful on the palate, constantly revealing new layers, elegant and compactly structured, fine mouth-watering fruit.