Pinot Blanc LEITHABERG DAC, Old Vines 2021 BIO


Quality wine; 0,75 litre; contains sulphites

Old vines are the happiness of every winemaker. They take deep root and lend a lasting voice to their natural conditions. Most of the Pinot Blanc vines were planted 60 years ago by my grandfather in the limestone of the Seeberg, and a few were planted by my great-grandfather 90 years ago. My task today is to finish telling the story that began with these two.

After a two-day maceration period, I press the must and let it ferment in stainless steel tanks. Later, I move 2/3 into 500-litre wooden barrels and 1/3 into the clay amphora, where it matures and builds up a concentrated and juicy texture over time. And the aromas also develop, so that in the end you encounter a multi-layered spectrum of nutty, floral and fruity notes.

Soil type: 90 % Leithakalk, 10 % Mica Slate Soil
Soil care: organic farming
Expansion: 2 days of maceration, temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, 16 months of maturation on the fine lees, 2/3 in wooden barrels and 1/3 in clay amphorae.
Alcohol: 13,0 %
Acid: 5.9 g/l
Residual sugar: 1.5 g/l