Pinot Blanc SCHÜTZEN AM GEBIRGE, Ried Seeberg 2022 BIO - unfortunately out of production


Quality wine; 0,75 litre; contains sulphites

Pinot Blanc is not an easy variety, as it reveals little by itself. Restrained and discreet, it is, like the other Burgundy varieties, a child of its soil. On the Seeberg, the soil is interspersed with limestone and often warmed by the sun. It optimally absorbs and stores the rare precipitation and promotes the nutrient supply of the vines.

Harvested late, ripe and healthy, I leave the must in contact with the skins for three days and carefully extract even hidden fruit compounds from them. This opens up a spectrum of aromas that quietly but emphatically combines ripe pears with notes of flowers and meadows and embeds them in a balanced and juicy texture.

Soil type: Leithakalk
Soil care: organic farming
Expansion: Maceration, temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, aged on fine yeast in stainless steel tanks until bottling.
Alcohol: 13,0 %
Acid: 6.6 g/l
Residual sugar: 2.3 g/l

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