Ried STEINWEINGARTEN Pinot Blanc 2021


Quality wine; 0,75 litre; contains sulphites

In 2019, we acquired an exceptional vineyard. On the backside of the Goldberg, on plateaus divided by huge limestone rocks, Pinot Blanc vines are rooted deep into the million-year-old Leithakalk. This is one of the few vineyards on the Schützner Stein whose grapes are allowed to ripen in the shade during the afternoon sun. After sufficient time on the mash, the grapes are gently pressed and fermented in large wooden barrels and to a small extent in amphorae.

The wine combines two typical elements of the vineyard, which is characterised by pure chalk soils: a lemony character and a salty structure.

Soil care: organic farming
Expansion: Two days of maceration, fermentation in barrels, maturation for 16 months on the full lees, 2/3 in barrels and 1/3 in clay amphorae.
Alcohol: 13,0 %
Acid: 6.0 g/l
Residual sugar: 1.2 g/l