Blaufränkisch OGGAU, Johanneshöhe® 2020 BIO


Quality wine; 0,75 litre; contains sulphites

The prologue. The grapes for it grow in nine different vineyards, almost all of which are on brown earth. You can judge how important it is to me with the Johanneshöhe by the fact that it leaves the cellar after two years at the earliest, but sometimes only after three years, where it matures in large wooden barrels for most of the time.

In my interpretation of Johanneshöhe, I am concerned with giving weight to lightness. Elegance, drinkability and fruit are in the foreground, tannin, power and spice are content with supporting roles. You must not misunderstand this. Depth, balance and intensity also have top priority in the Johanneshöhe, they just embed themselves in a more airy foundation.

Grape variety: Blaufränkisch
Vintage: 2020
Soil type: Muschelkalk
Soil care: organic farming
Expansion: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 2 weeks with whole berries, 28 months storage in traditional large wooden barrels.
Alcohol: 13,0 %
Acid: 5.6 g/l
Residual sugar: 2.8 g/l