Saint Laurent 2019 BIO


Quality wine; 0,75 litre; contains sulphites

A homage to the St. Laurent. For me, it is one of the highest quality varieties in Austria and needs - like the Pinot Noir - a chalky soil and cool winds from the Leithagebirge.

St. Laurent is capricious in the vineyard as well as in the cellar and shows its moods surprisingly often. It needs a lot of patience and attention. In return, it rewards you with a dark ruby-like colour, a spiciness, a fineness and finesse that is unparalleled and that lasts well into old age.

Place: Schützen am Gebirge
Grape variety: Saint Laurent
Vintage: 2019
Soil type: Leithakalk and mica slate soil
Soil care: organic farming
Expansion: open fermentation with whole berries, 26 months maturation in traditional wooden barrels
Alcohol: 12,0 %
Acid: 5.4 g/l
Residual sugar: 1.0 g/l