Medium Story Issue/Year
Gerhard Heczko Austria Red Yr. 1999 2006
Vinaria Austria:Hungary international match 02/2006
Press No gimmicks: single-vineyard wines instead of cuvées 04/2006
Wiener Zeitung St. Laurent on the Test Bench, S44 Our St.Laurent is among the 10 Best 17/2006
Standard Curtain up for the diva St. L. Our St.Laurent is among the 10 best 29/30 April 2006
Hunting in Tyrol Schützner Stone 2003 06/2006
Terroir BF Tasting from WSOV Goldberg BF 2002: 1st place 05/2006
PN Country match D:Ö during Vievinum Pinot Noir 2003 as Austria's best Pinot Noir in 2nd place 06/2006
ÖGZ Summer Wine Cup: Rosé vom Stein 2005: 2nd place 23/25 June 2006
Falstaff Stylish in all situations 07/2006
Zurich Sunday Newspaper Austria's pleasure region 08/2006
News Austro Cabernets as long-lasting power varnishes 09/2006
Vinaria Mature performance, S38 10/2006
Freshly cooked ORF, Freshly cooked wine tip 11/2006
Smag & Bahag Author: Michael Poulsen 08/2006
Falstaff Red Wine Gala - Falstaff Winner 12/2006
Vienna Journal CS Tasting, S44 12/2006