Title Story Issue/Year
Falstaff Red Wine Guide 2nd Falstaff winner with Leithaberg DAC Blaufränkisch 2008  2010
Austria's Best Red Wines 2011 Five glasses of wine: Pinot Noir 2007  2010
Falstaff Wine Guide Goldberg Blaufränkisch 2007 (92-94)
Leithaberg Blaufränkisch 2007 (93)
Pinot Noir 2008 (90-92)
Blaufränkisch Johanneshöhe (89-91)
Chardonnay Seeberg 2008 (90-92)
Leithaberg Pinot Blanc 2007 (92)
Vinaria Wine Guide Vinaria top wines in red: Goldberg Blaufränkisch 2007 2010/11
Salon Salon Chosen with Leithaberg Blaufränkisch 2007  2010
Collection of the Year from the German internet portal: weinplus.de "Even the small range of white wines is always of remarkable quality, and the reds are, as ever, among the most full of character and originality that can be found in Austria," says head taster Marcus Hofschuster. 2010
Vinaria - Underestimated under two names "In fact, almost exclusively vintners in Austria, Germany and Northern Italy produce pure Pinot Blanc, and then always in small quantities - but often in independent and memorable quality. Brilliant representatives of the variety are Prieler, .....". David Schildknecht from Wine Advocate. 2010